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See what our users are saying about the Robo-Analyst!

"I assure you all... this thing WORKS!"

I signed up for Robo-Analyst (on blind faith) when it first became available at the website. I went to the Tampa Workshop and there I got a further explanation of what this software does and how to use it effectively.

I used it all the next week while looking at my charts and determining W picks and entry points, etc. I have used it to confirm and or dispute my thoughts on any particular stock that I was looking at and have used it to help me place my stops in the correct places, based upon support levels, daily movement, trend, etc. This thing can save you from getting stopped out prematurely... and it can save you from making the big mistake of staying in a stock too long and or not taking profits when they are offered, based on resistance levels.  This thing is amazing!


I personally, highly recommend your software to all of your listeners... When combined with your teachings impressed upon me, I assure you all... this thing WORKS!


Dedicated Student

John G

Port Richey, Fl 



I'll sum up my opinion this way WOW, A heck of a lot easier than typing in averages on prophet java charts. I'll be most likely typing in averages anyhow but this will lead me more easily to issues I want to double check before sticking my hard earned cash in. You, your site, and now this (R-A) are going a long way in teaching this 9th grade dropout. Thank you and keep up the good work. I hope to one day be able to send some for the cancer kids, but I got three of my own to take care of first. It'll come give it time, how long depends on the issues and how stupid I am. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping it simple.


Sarasota, FL.


"smartest and most efficient software I have ever used"


Your software is the smartest and most efficient software I have ever used. The software is easy to use, and it is a must for the professional trader. It is the only software out there that tells you exactly when to place the trade and when to exit the trade.  The software eliminates background noise such as worthless news, insignificant market gyrations and other external events.

In my opinion, this software is state of the art, one of a kind, removes the emotional component of trading, and because of its overbought/ oversold model, it works in a bear market, bull market, or a sideways market.



Equity Trader

Boca Raton, FL

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