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We currently offer three products that incorporate our Robo-Analyst technology.

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Get instant analysis on more than 16,000 stocks, funds and cryptocurrencies. Our Robo-Analyst advanced software analyzes and interprets the most widely-used indicators; with a Daily,  Short-term and Long-term outlook.  The software explains the analysis simply on the chart and in text to help investors make a quick, informed decision.

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Daily Trading Ideas


We offer a daily list of stocks expected to go down or up in the short-term based on our Robo-Analyst opinions along with a winning trading strategy*.

* Our trading ideas have averaged above 60% winning trades with an average hold time of 2.3 days. 

Totty Broad Market
Timing Indicator


Our proprietary reversal indicator that analyzes the broad market for general market risk BEFORE you trade!  Updated daily for easy market timing.




Everything you need automatically analyzed on one screen; Market Condition, Market Timing, and Technical Analysis on any stock!  Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll benefit from this amazing tool. 

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How It Works
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We use the most widley used indicators; explained in simple to understand terms, on three different time frames: Immediate 1-3 days, Short-Term 1-30 days, and

Long-Term 30 days to 1 year.

You can even back-test by clicking anywhere on the chart!


The Creator

With more than 25 years of trading experience, we've spent several years developing an automated tool that cross-references the most widely-used indicators, to create what we believe is the most accurate, efficient automated software on the market.  Our truly unique tools are sure to help individual and professional investors alike.

Mr. Totty began as a retail stockbroker in 1993 before transitioning to a research analyst and winning the coveted "Best on the Street" award as the top-performing equity analyst on Wall Street, according to First Call.

He went on to be a top-performing hedge fund manager, inventing the internet's first robo-analyst software back in 1998, helping individual and institutional investors automate their analysis process.  His Investment Banking credentials include financing and listing numerous international companies on NASDAQ, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange over the last 20 years.

Mr. Totty has been a contributing analyst to William O’Neil & Co.’s Institutional Research Department, publishers of Investor’s Business Daily, Zacks Research and First Call’s earnings estimates. He has also been an affiliate of the Market Technicians Assoc. (MTA), a colleague of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), as well as a Member of the Business Council to the United Nations in NYC.   Mr. Totty studied Pre-Med at University of Tennessee and Finance at Harvard.



Feel free to contact us if you'd like to integrate the Robo-Analyst into your website.  Otherwise please check the Q&A section for help.

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